MES Know-How

MES(Manufacturing Execution System)

MES is a system designed to assist corporations to collect and monitor production data during the manufacturing process – from order placing, production inception, and process control to product output.

Through relational database, graphical user interface, open structure and other information related technologies, MES combine manages and informs the latest information on the core of a company such as orders, supplier, inventory, production, maintenance, and quality management. It uses WEB or other effective manners to transfer this information accurately to the users. When there is an emergency in the production line, it will quickly provide on-site report to the users. Implementing MES in corporations can minimize the occurrence of situations with no added-value.

MES is an environment and a system structure. It combines immediate information or informational systems (such as production flow system planning), connecting corporations, factories, or flow system control. Because the complicated production-flow of high-tech industries such as IC, LCD, PCB and other electronic component companies, abnormal situations such as outsourcing, order withdrawal, lot merge, skip lot, and so on happen very frequently. Traditional ERP systems that base on finance and accounting cannot match up to company needs. Thus, MES is created. Corporations that use MES can lower production cycle time and WIP, strengthen on-time delivery, improve product quality, and increase profits. MES is high-tech and competitive industry’s mandatory survival tool.

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Base on MESA International survey data, implementing MES can improve corporation basing on the following:

Improvements Statistics
Lower product cycle time ↓35%
Lower or discard filing time ↓36%
Lower the number of “work in progress” ↓32%
Lower or discard paperwork on work shifting ↓67%
Improve product quality (lower the number of defective products) ↓22%
Avoid the loss of file and blueprint ↓55%
* MESA International survey data

MES (Manufactory Execution System) is an integration system dealing with tasks such as work order, production, equipment maintenance, quality management, and shipment. It is no doubt the core of a production company.

MES(Manufacturing Execution System)