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ciMEs 模組


ciMes (Computer Integrated Manufacturing Execution System) is a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) created by leading software company ARES International Corp.
Introduction of the Product Structure

ciMes is an application that assists an enterprise in collecting and monitoring production data during the manufacturing process- from order placing, production inception, process control, to product output. With ciMes, manufacturer can ensure their product quality, increase capacity, improve yields, meet delivery dates, and better satisfy their clients since the company can immediately stay controlled in the changing environment.

MES Comparisons

Overseas Domestic ARES ciMes
Experience ★★★ ★★ ★★★
Stability ★★★ ★★★
Few Customization ★★ ★★★
Economical Price ★★★ ★★★
Flexibility ★★ ★★★
Customer Service ★★★


  • The system is implemented into the home page of the company using web-based structure. Users do not need to install any add-ons. Using any browser will allow immediate online production management, thus making the task of information department more convenient, and lower department spending on maintenance.

  • ciMes supports a variety of languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English.

  • The user can customize terminology, avoiding any misunderstanding, and also lower the system adaption time.

  • ciMes provides many standard production commands, letting clients to use these commands to generate unique production logic.

  • ciMes uses graphical and object concept to set up systems such as equipment, station, route, and production batch. Detailed parameter and property setting functions satisfy the needs in production or route of the client.

  • If the user intends to simplify order form and material distribution operation among various self-made semi-finished goods, ciMes has the ability to undertake ERP system order forms and convert them into multiple order form parallel operation to conduct production management.

  • Not only does ciMes provides modulized features, by using the special structure in production, ciMes can create production logic rules for various industries. These include templates for LED, panels, assembly, testing and other industries.

  • ciMes can be integrated with Oracle ERP, SAP, TipTop, Workflow, ArgoERP, and other ERP systems.

  • The system supports online search function. The user can immediately access information such as WIP, order form, material, equipment, yield rate or defective product analysis for production department to immediately grasp factory status, improving operation efficiency and meeting request of on-time delivery.

  • ciMes provides different categories of production reports as well as report source codes for search and analysis as well as facilitating future expansion and self-modification of reports

  • The system provides high screen resolution and text size, and periodically update the information with a central report structure for a better view on output, yield rate, quality, quantity on site, etc. This allows instant monitoring and decision.


ciMes benefit
  • Work in Process Management
  • Instant Capacity
  • Quality Management
  • Order Progress
  • Employee Hours
  • Production Resume
  • Equipment Utilization Rate
  • Clear Information
  • Material Management


  • Supporting Platform

    1. Android
    2. Windows
    3. iOS
  • Interface and Search

    1. On-site search applicable to production line posting and defective data collection.
    2. Quality management applicable for mobile patrol operation personnel, including process and quality inspection.
    3. Report searching applicable for inspection result search.
  • Suitable Staff

    1. All staffs and operators are suitable users for this app and can use various functions according to authorized usages.
  • Benefits

    1. Achieving mobile auditing and management
    2. Reducing the need of copying data by hand