MES Module

WRP(Web Report Portal)

Web Report Portal is an independent module. It displays a simple report interface, and provides a portal connecting ciMes standard and customized report via connection, or even website hyperlink to connect to other report plug-ins. At the same time, with different levels of authorization, different users or departments can access different types of reports.
WRP Module provides the following functions:

  • Web-based Portal

    The system uses .NET programming and utilizes web characteristics, enabling it to become the website portal of a company, or even can be integrated with existing portals via links.

  • Batch Report Printing Function

    Batch report usually has a standard format and recurring needs. For example, a production company needs production reports every morning and the reports can be generated at the time predefined by the company to save processing time of the mainframe.

  • Flexible Report Search Capability

    Flexible report means that only when the report files are needed, the user generates a report using the system. At the same time, the user can search for specific information and instruction, to further enhance the report. (The information needs to be inputted first hand, and not included in the range of WRP)

  • User Authorization Management

    The system provides a complete user authorization management. Under the setting of the system operator, the report generated by the system can be viewed or blocked depending on the user.

Report templates

ciMes provides the following report templates:

  • Cycle-Time Report
  • Shipping Report
  • Throughput Report
  • Yield Report
  • Equipment Utilization Report
  • Scrap Report