MES Module

EKS (Electronic Kanban System)

EKS Module, the web-based platform, is the new generation of traditional Kanban system to replace traditional elements like Kanban cards or LED indicators in the factory. EKS visualizes both production process and production information such as WIP status, deployment, material status, quality management, equipment maintenance, safety, operational manual and so on. It is an effective and flexible tool for factory to optimize production process, adjust to changing demands, and achieve visualized and just-in time manufacturing.

  • Multiple Kanbans and pages

    Multiple Kanbans can be created in the system and multiple pages can be added to a single Kanban, allowing users to display pages in a carousel format.

  • Visualized and user-friendly functions

    The system provides multiple user-friendly functions for Kanban design, including component drag-pull visualization, Kanban copy, Kanban import, Kanban export, component grouping and component property adjustment.

  • Data source settings

    System supports co-design of Kanban since data source settings and Kanban design are separated. There are five types of data source settings as followed:

    1. Single value data source
    2. Table type data source
    3. Customized SQL data source
    4. Graphic data source
    5. Video data source
  • Component extension and integration

    Users are allowed to integrate basic components into compound components, which are then added to the component library. When designing complex content of Kanban, users can use compound components to simplify the tasks of Kanban design.

  • Record tracking

    System provides record tracking, allowing managers to track user’s movements such as adding, deleting, editing, playing and stopping Kanbans at any time.

  • Third-party component integration

    Coming soon.

drag and move basic components
In EKS, users can drag and move basic components by themselves to design the Kanban board.