MES Module

LMS(Label Management System)

Since factories often use lot numbers from purchasing to shipping to manage materials and batch components, they can record items in detail with Label Management System from MES to print customized labels. CodeSoft and BarTender, two sets of professional label software, can also be used together to directly send your label templates to ciMes for saving your time and effort.
Here are the LMS features:

  • Column Customization

    Draw metadata from your database and customize your display fields; multiple columns can be merged into a new one for special use.

  • Label Relevance Setting

    Various sizes and layouts for printed labels are accustomed to clients requiring different packaging and shipping methods.

  • Package Tracking

    Control inner and outer boxes and record all information in detail for each lot number; return merchandise authorization (RMA) can be traced back for inquiry, too.

Label Setting
Column Customization
Column protect