MES Module

QC(Quality Control)

Quality Control collects needed information during production and utilizes statistical analysis. When abnormal problems are encountered, the system will deal with them immediately to lower production losses. Therefore, ciMes QC system includes On-Line SPC, stressing out that it provides quick and efficient features. The system will discover any errors before any problems appear and launch improvement.

Due to the statistical analysis and data collection inside QC, it is closely related to engineering data collection. The QC structure is divided into four parts: data collection, statistical, presentation, and action. WIP is responsible for data collection. Statistical represents the “rules” provided by the QC system such as Western Electric Rule, Nelson Rules, etc. Presentation is displayed in shapes. When QC testing appears to be OOC (out of control), system will follow a previously set solution set by the user, such as notifying the engineer.

Other than SPC control, Quality Control system also supports other common production management techniques such as AQL, Sampling Size, and Reason Code.

Set up SPC monitoring standards depending on factory needs
Set up SPC monitoring standards depending on factory needs.