MES Module

ALM(Alarm Management)

The ALM system will send out notification via Email, voice mail, or other means to warn its users any production problems such as abnormal SPC. The system will also remind staff of any needed operations such as equipment PM. Equipment or IT staff will receive the information immediately, thus avoiding any production damage or loss.
Alarm Management system functions are as follow:

  • Multiple Notifying Manner

    System provides Email, mobile phone text, voice mail, and other means of notifying its users.

  • Specific Notifying Manner

    Depending on different situations, the user can set up different ways of notifying the staff, such as PM reminder can be sent via Email, where as abnormal SPC situation is sent through mobile phone text.

  • Immediate Notification

    The system will notify its user immediately after encountering a problem.

  • Manager Notification

    A manager notification option can be set up. If the system fails to notify its operator, the system will notify the manager so that the problem does not worsen.

  • Reply Setting

    Depending on the level of importance to the encountered problems, the system will require the staff to reply after receiving the notification, making sure that the encountered problems are fixed.

Multiple Notifying Manner
Reply Setting
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