MES Module

MMS(Materials Management System)

Materials management is an important factor in production management. Despite not being the major monitoring product, it relates to the overall production route and production costs of the factory. Materials management system provides the following management history records and document printing functions:

  • Material Maintenance

    Different managing settings can be inputted base on different types of materials. Users can also input customized information on materials that has expiration date or safe stock level.

  • Material Picking, Distributing, Feeding, Returning, Scraping

    Material distributor, through ERP inventory, can proceed to manage materials base on the various needs of the operator.

  • Production Material Automatic Deduction

    Material managing system module can be integrated into ERP or BOM, setting up the amount of material, semi-finished good and finished good for a specific product. Thus, the system will automatically deduct set amount of material, achieving consistency of the system inventory and actual material.

  • Combining ERP Stock Module

    System automatically stocks the semi-finished or finished goods, and creates information regarding the products in the ERP stock module.

document and data tracking
document and data tracking
document and data tracking