MES Module

PM(Preventive Maintenance)

Since equipment is the most important asset to a factory, maintenance cannot be ignored. The maintenance of equipment and parts is closely related to their setting, type, and model. The information can be extracted from ciMes.
Equipment preventive maintenance functions are as follow:

  • Maintenance Cycle Setting

    Base on different type, model, and setting of the equipment, the user can select a maintenance cycle of a day, a week, a month, a quarter, or a year.

  • Maintenance Reminder

    While setting up the maintenance system, the user also needs to create a maintenance reminder. When the maintenance time of the equipment draws near, the system will automatically Email maintenance staff.

  • Accessory and Tool Maintenance

    Accessory and tools of equipment are also very important; therefore, parts maintenance should also be integrated just as that for equipment.

  • Maintenance History and Record Tracking
Preventive maintenance inquiry, providing information exporting function
Preventive maintenance inquiry, providing information exporting function.